Test Press
Joan of Arc - The Free Will Set You Truth 12” RFR-028

  • Joan Of Arc - The Free Will Set You Truth [TEST PRESS]

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Note on test presses: Test pressings are the final step of quality checks prior to a record going to full production. The records are the same quality as the final release, sometimes even higher quality as they are pressed on 100% virgin black vinyl. However, the records are lightly used and have been played previously for quality check purposes.

Track Listing

  1. My Summer-Long High Wipeout
  2. (You) [I] Can Not See (You) [Me] As (I) [You] Can & Explain Yourselves #2
  3. Flowers
  4. White Out
  5. The Bird's Nest Wrapped Around the Security Camera
  6. Please Don't Let My Job Make Me Lame (by Red Blue Yellow)
  7. Queasy Lynn
  8. I Saw the Messed Binds of My Generation
  9. Tiny Baby
  10. Stemingway and Heinbeck

Pressing Information

Limited to 10 hand-numbered copies

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