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  • Cliffdiver - Discography
  • Cliffdiver - Discography


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Also available on pink vinyl from Chillwavve Records.

LP includes Cliffdiver's first 2 EPs, At Your Own Risk and Small Hours, along with the new song, The Water Temple Is Filled With My Tears and Now I'm Drowning in Sorrow. Stream Water Temple now on Spotify & Apple Music.

Bursting into the music-scene in 2018, CLIFFDIVER consists of six Indie-Rock specialists combining their talents for the greater good. Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, each member of the band is a verifiable veteran of their own hometown – and the sum total of their experience quickly added up to a tight & exciting sound in CLIFFDIVER instantly as they started to jam, write, and record songs for their debut.

With stunning versatility in their amped-up sound that vibrantly expands to include Emo, Pop, Rock, Punk, & more – the advantages of having six competent players all holding their own and unified in their vision led the band to the official release of four highly creative & colorful cuts on their Small Hours EP. Immediately catching attention with fans & critics alike, the momentum & support for CLIFFDIVER grew rapidly, with singles “You Sir, Are Obviously Not A Golfer,” and “Teaching A Narwhal Empathy” bringing many people in to discover the gripping sounds & incredible new songs that the six-piece band created. Packing the house for the Small Hours EP release party show with a crowd of over three-hundred people gathered in front of the stage at The Vanguard, it was clear that CLIFFDIVER was making music that the people wanted to hear; that their own untamed style & relentlessly energetic melodies, their poetic-edge, raw passion, and their wildest ideas were truly connecting & resonating with everyone listening.

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150 - Clear Blue
150 - Pink


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