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Room With A View RFR-018

  • Echo Courts - Room With A View
  • Echo Courts - Room With A View
  • Echo Courts - Room With A View



Buy Now Release date: Jul 13, 2018

"Jangly power pop chords, three-part vocal harmonies, and the chillest of chill vibes. It's enough to evoke the very height of summer." – Consequence of Sound

Following the release of their debut LP, In The Garden, Echo Courts wanted to take a different approach with their next album. The 6-piece band found themselves slimming down to a 4-piece ensemble, allowing each member more freedom to explore their own style in the writing. The songs evolved over the course of a year, as the band toured throughout the region with their new line-up.

When it came time to record Room With A View, Echo Courts found themselves with a set of songs that showcase a matured, more focused sound. A retreat from the sunshine 60’s pastiche of their previous work. "Room With A View is a necessary step forward," guitarist Kelly Fahey explains. "The album’s title says it all. The songs come from a refreshed perspective."

"Echo Courts skips through a grassy patch of '90s New Zealand indie pop and the umph of that 20-something moment you first heard the Zombies." - CMJ

Recorded and produced by Jean-Luc Swift at A Domestic Studio, mastered by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business.

Track Listing

  1. I Don't Mind
  2. Take Away
  3. Replacement #3
  4. Strawberry Pie
  5. My Mind Is Not Right
  6. Not For You
  7. Daisies #4
  8. Room With A View
  9. Tail Lights
  10. The One You're Dreaming Of

Pressing Information

200 - Random color vinyl
50 - Cassettes



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