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  • Emily Donohue - Melancholia
  • Emily Donohue - Melancholia



Buy Now Release date: Jun 01, 2018

"Emily Donohue’s music has soul beyond her years. Her deeply personal lyrics cater to a larger, human audience. You can't help but relate." - The Wild Magazine

On Melancholia, Emily Donohue’s luminous, honeyed voice soars above a bed of ringing, spacious music that blurs the lines between unabashed pop and electro-tinged indie rock. Donohue, a rising star in the Pacific Northwest, moves through her music with an easy grace, lending the record an in-the-pocket feel that is eminently engaging. A collection of painterly vignettes, “Melancholia is the story of a young woman trying to find her place – and herself – in modern society”, explains Donohue.

Music has been a common thread throughout Donohue’s young life. She started singing as a young child, taught herself to play guitar in college, and started playing open mics post-graduation. In 2015, she learned the ukulele and piano as she began writing her first EP, I Don’t Know How to Love You, Darling, drawing influence from personal experience and, like many artists before, her hometown of Seattle. She continued to develop her creative voice on her 2016 EP, Vices, growing her audience worldwide.

A quiver of new songs in hand, Donohue decamped to In Silence Recording Studio in Los Angeles, CA to track her debut album. Melancholia was produced by Michael Pepe (Taking Back Sunday), and features appearances by Michael Pepe, Tony Thaxton (Motion City Soundtrack), Jay Randy, Doug Rockwell, Joseph Pepe, Danny Lopez, Danny Santamaria, and Michael Sparks Jr.

While writing Melancholia, Donohue was wracked with feelings of panic and isolation, yet when she sat at her piano to write she felt in control. Channeling that anxiety and fear – both personal and cultural - into her art, each song became a meditation. “These songs were the remedy for my own melancholia”, Donohue shares. “If this record helps even one person as much as it helped me to write it, then I've done something good.”

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Goodbye, Stranger
  3. Bitterest Pill
  4. Mistakes
  5. One Night Only
  6. Age of Humiliation
  7. Melancholia
  8. Palmer
  9. It Doesn't Matter I Love You
  10. Amidst The Heather
  11. Emerald City Love
  12. Outro



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