Stream "Boardwalk" from Hit Like A Girl's New Album Feb 24, 2021

Hit Like A Girl just dropped their first single from their upcoming album, "Heart Racer"! "Boardwalk" is streaming everywhere today, and you can catch the killer animated music video on our YouTube channel below.

Heart Racer comes out on April 2nd -- a good Friday indeed -- and is available on vinyl, with some sweet freebie merch items included on the first 100 preorders! Snag it now and get a free journal, pencils, candies, and sticker sheets. The album is also available in Europe from our friends at Rose Coloured Records.

Preorder today:

Biitchseat's New Single "Anti-Depressed" Out NOW! Feb 10, 2021

Yesterday, our friends at BrooklynVegan premiered "Anti-Depressed" from Biitchseat's upcoming EP, "I'll become kind." If you missed it then, fret not, as the single is now streaming everywhere!

"I'll become kind." arrives on March 5th, and is available on limited cassette tape with a cute t-shirt and sticker sheet to match.


New Year, New You Feb 08, 2021

I'm not going to lie... Last year was shit.

In case you missed it, Refresh went silent for the second half of 2020. The pandemic was one thing, but then life just piled on me and I felt the need to put the label on a temporary hiatus while I focused on my own mental health. It ends up it was the best decision I've made.

2021 has shaped up to be Refresh's biggest year yet. In case you missed it on the front page, we signed 3 new artists (that we've announced so far) during our downtime. Make sure to check them out: Biitchseat, Totally Slow, Hit Like A Girl. At the moment, we have 6 releases already in production, which is the most concurrent releases we've worked on ever... and we have more slated through the year. The website was offline for a few weeks while I gave it a much needed refresh (heh). All around its a new year. New us.

I'm still working through some new features and sections of this site. If you come across any issues or if you just want to shoot the shit, feel free to reach out to me.

Stay tuned. We're just getting started with 2021. 💜

- Josh