"So Much Brooding" by Manor Gates is out now. Published: Nov 10, 2023 11:56AM

Ohioans, rejoice! So Much Brooding, the debut album from Manor Gates is out now on all platforms. We are so stoked to have collabed with our friends at We're Trying Records for this one. It’s an honest, cutting, even... brooding emo record.

The band concurs: "Lyrically it is the most honest Griffen has ever been. Writing about his failures as a partner, the death of a colleague, and the realization that you can be your most successful self and the most miserable at the same time. The title, So Much Brooding, fit the vibe of the music and lyrics. Taken from a quote the Joker says to Batman in the video game, Arkham City. 'So much brooding, it's not good for you, you know!'"

Stream it now on any platform and pre-order a copy on "blood moon" vinyl from our web store.

“‘Yee-Haw’ immediately demonstrates what makes them so lovable: pop hooks combine with aggressive and technical riffs“ - The Alternative