Record Store Day reissues & our broken host Published: Apr 24, 2023 11:30AM

Hello everyone. There's nothing quite like waking up on a day when you planned to release 3 new records, only to find that your website is completely undergoing "Scheduled Maintenance" without so much as an email explanation to you. Unfortunately that was our experience on Saturday morning. We were certain that the issue would be resolved by today, and postponed our sale.

You can understand our excitement when the site appeared to be back online and fully functional yesterday. However, when we logged in this morning, we were greeted with this lovely message:

We have tested the platform and confirmed that we are still unable to add new products or new variants of existing products to the platform. As such, our Record Store Day vinyl reissues must be postponed again, without any insight into when this issue will be resolved with our host, LimitedRun.

We are very sorry for the confusion and further delay. We are looking at alternate short-term solutions to allow us to continue releasing new music, as a record label normally does, as we also prepare a longer term solution of leaving LimitedRun in favor of a stable and better maintained platform.

Please bear with us as we deal with this unexpected impact.