Know Hope Records joins the family! Published: Jul 18, 2022 01:00PM

The Refresh family grows again!

If you told us a year ago that we’d join forces with not just one, but two incredible peer record labels, we’d think you were out of your mind. You just never know what exciting places life will lead you to.

Today we’re very pleased to share that Know Hope Records has agreed to merge with Refresh Records. We’re also stoked to announce that Know Hope Records founder, Shawn Dorsey, will be joining the Refresh team as a label manager.

Founded in Philadelphia in 2016, Know Hope Records has been carving a path through the independent music world, releasing new music from artists such as String Machine, Lakes, Sleepy Limbs, twentythreenineteen, Frames, innerlove., and more. We’re stoked to share more from Know Hope artists with you over the months and years to come.

To celebrate the news, both labels have a 20% OFF sale storewide this week! Discount is automatically applied in the cart. Preorder items are excluded from the sale. Click here to check out the Know Hope Records store.


Philadelphia-based independent record label KNOW HOPE RECORDS has entered into a merger agreement with REFRESH RECORDS.

Under the new agreement, Know Hope Records catalog will be acquired by Refresh Records, with founder Shawn Dorsey joining the Refresh Records team in a management capacity. Know Hope Records will wind down operations over the course of 2022, and Refresh Records will take over direct-to-customer fulfillment, as well as administration of the rights associated with Know Hope Records catalog of releases.

“Since starting Refresh back in 2015, I've always had a big focus on DITogether and have been excited to collaborate with musicians, artists, labels, and other partners across the music world to grow together,” says Refresh Records owner, Josh Higgins. “Through numerous discussions with Shawn, we both felt that Know Hope and Refresh’s artists overlapped in many ways; sonically, socially, and otherwise. I am certain that this merger will be a great opportunity for every artist to reach new audiences and grow together.”

As for the artists associated with Know Hope Records, Josh went on to say, “I’ve been a big fan of the roster that Know Hope has curated and am stoked to have conversations with each and every artist about their upcoming plans and music. I felt it was critical to the merger that all artists are freed of future obligations to Know Hope and given the opportunity to join the Refresh family of their own volition. We have an open door and open arms for any Know Hope artists who wish to continue working with Shawn, and now the Refresh team.”

“Today is a bittersweet day,” Shawn adds. ”I am beyond grateful for every artist that I was lucky to work with at KHR, all of the passionate and dedicated people that have worked at the label, every person that has gone to a show, bought a record, or just supported KHR in your own way. With that said, I am extremely excited and grateful to be joining the amazing team at Refresh Records.”

The merger is the latest example of Refresh Record’s focus on growth through the sharing of knowledge and resources. Earlier in 2022, Refresh Records announced a partnership with Texas-based Chillwavve Records, bringing new opportunities to the growing Chillwavve roster and raising the collective profile of both record labels. With the merger of Know Hope Records, the Refresh family will now manage over 150 releases from artists spanning the independent music spectrum, including Young Mister, String Machine, Hit Like a Girl, Cliffdiver, twentythreenineteen, Joan of Arc, Keep for Cheap, Ben Quad, Biitchseat, Lakes, and more.