"Peppermint" by Maggie Gently is out now! Published: Mar 18, 2022 02:38PM

"Peppermint," the debut full-length album from Maggie Gently is out now on all streaming platforms! Maggie's music is melody-driven and heartfelt — a big-city indie rock fascination with an unmistakable emo accent. The nine songs that make up Peppermint reinforce empowering truths that can be hard to internalize or say out loud.

Take a listen here and order the vinyl, available in olive green or peppermint candy variants!

"Peppermint‘s nine songs focus on the personal yet deeply universal questions of commitment and love, the terrifying possibility of being vulnerable and known, and ultimately trusting something enough to let yourself get swept away in it." - The Joy of Violent Movement