Black Friday + Beyond: Name Your Price Sale! Nov 28, 2021

Well, we did it. We moved. As of last week, we are now residing in Cleveland, OH. It was a bit of a fiasco, as the moving company ended up having to leave 1/3 of our belongings in storage due to their truck being overweight. Apparently records are heavy!

We're exhausted. Our bodies hurt in ways we didn't know possible. We should have done this sale before the move, but hindsight is always 20/20. As such, there's no better time than now.

Starting today, every release from 2020 and earlier is available for name your price. Each item has a minimum price that is at or below cost! LPs starting at $7, 7"s at $2, CDs/tapes starting at $1, t-shirts starting at $5.

Orders will ship within the next 1-2 weeks. We're still waiting for the moving company to deliver the rest of our merchandise. Hopefully by the time the truck shows up, we'll be a little more rested.

Take a chance on something new and shop the sale here:

Stream "Germ Burn" by Gnawing! Nov 17, 2021

Gnawing's latest track "Germ Burn" is a perfect thrash-y storm in the making. Featuring Lexie McCoy from Suzie True on vocals, this is one not to miss. Their debut record, You Freak Me Out is out now on digital and vinyl alongside some sweet, nostalgia-infused merch!

"Germ Burn":
You Freak Me Out:

New From Jimmy Lo Fi: Baker Residence! Nov 09, 2021

Air out all your angst with Jimmy Lo Fi's latest single, "Baker Residence". Industrial, emo, and experimental fuse perfectly together for that mid-week malaise. Silence of Traveling Alone drops on November 19th, along with some spacey shirts, tapes, and stickers.

Pre-order 'em all here:

"With Love: A Benefit for the Lilith Fund" Out Now on Bandcamp! Nov 07, 2021

Our latest compilation "With Love: A Benefit for the Lilith Fund" is out now on Bandcamp! It’s the first benefit compilation we’ve done as a label in a while and features an eclectic mix of artists including glass beach, Maggie Gently, Hit Like A Girl, Amygdala, Harmony Woods, Pink Navel, Swim Camp, and more.

All proceeds will be going towards Lilith Fund, an organization providing financial assistance and emotional support while building community spaces for people who need abortions in Texas.

We've already raised over $400 from this past Bandcamp Friday alone and are so excited to keep donations ongoing with this collection of songs.

Check it out here:

Surprise! Things Amazing + Elders Split! Oct 29, 2021

Bust out the calculators and enjoy this math / post-rock split cassette release from Things Amazing and Elders! This 4-song EP is available on Aqua cassette with art by Taylor Adams, and in bundles with a t-shirt of your choice (or both). The EP is available now everywhere.

Pre-order all the things (amazing) here: re.frsh/ta-el

Stream Biitchseat's latest single, "Tipesh" Oct 26, 2021

Biitchseat is back, baby! Their new single "Tipesh" is out now on all streaming platforms. It's warm, yet angsty, equal parts catchy and biting. Catch them on tour right now with Hit Like A Girl!

Listen here:

Introducing Maggie Gently! "Hold My Hand" Out Now Oct 22, 2021

Please welcome Maggie Gently to the Refresh fam! Hailing from San Francisco, Maggie writes songs with a fondness for wild schemes and intimate gestures. Her latest single, "Hold My Hand", is out now on all platforms and will surely break your heart and put it back together.

Listen here:

Stream Jimmy Lo Fi's latest single, "Specks of Dust" Sep 21, 2021

Jimmy Lo Fi just released his first single as a Refresh artist! With its shiny guitars and hypnotic drum machine beat, "Specks of Dust" will definitely make you feel like the main character. Take a listen below!

Apple Music: