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Posture & the Grizzly are punk/emo legends from Willimantic, Connecticut. Originally a solo project created by Jordan (guitar/vocals) in 2008, the band has amassed an ever-shifting line-up from adjacent projects such as TWIABP, For Everest, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, and Cinema Stare.

Once categorized as “Blink 182 meets Joyce Manor”, Posture exist in a perfect balance of discord & harmony, sharpening their unfettered angst through a melodic lens of infectious hooks. After releasing their first influential LP ‘Busch Hymns’ & their critically acclaimed second LP ‘I Am Satan’, the band decided to take a break to bring their focus elsewhere in life, ultimately turning it into a hiatus.

In 2021, they released their third self-titled record ‘Posture & The Grizzly’ to overwhelmingly positive reception. Sticking true to their emo-punk roots while presenting a more matured understanding that’s refined itself over a decade, ‘Posture & The Grizzly’ accurately encapsulates what it means to grow & gives fans the “welcome back” they deserved.of the internet, an isolated songwriter found his voice and created something beautiful to share with us all.

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Posture & the Grizzly - Busch Hymns (10th Anniversary)
Posture & the Grizzly - Posture & the Grizzly (Extended)