Jimmy Lo Fi Cleveland, OH


Jimmy is no stranger to committing himself to multiple projects. Whether he’s playing guitar in The Sonder Bombs or drumming in Drag Daze, recording solo demos at home or working/attending various shows, Jimmy is constantly surrounded by music. 
Dull Boy, the debut record from Jimmy Lo Fi, is his first major attempt at showcasing the best of his abilities. The entirely self-recorded/performed album took 2.5 years to make and even though Jimmy’s other projects often take precedence over his own, he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

Kind Words

"The fuzzy synth and mixing of 'Mountains' describes that weird, uneasy feeling you can sometimes get that is indescribable." - The Grey Estates

"Slight folk and indie come together to describe love and a very distinct smell I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered. - The Alternative

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Gorillaz, Pinback, Tigers Jaw, The Sonder Bombs



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