About the Label

Refresh Records is an independent record label with a simple goal: To help the artists we love take their next step in the music world.

Founded in 2015 by Josh Higgins, Refresh Records was born from a long history with the DIY side of the music industry. After booking his first show at the age of 14 with his mother running the door, Josh's passion for music grew and expanded over the years. He began regularly booking shows and tours across the east coast, collectively ran a small music venue with some friends, wrote music reviews for zines and the internet, and even released a couple 7" records under a small, long defunct label name. Although that record label rapidly crashed and burned (as often happens when you're young, dumb, and broke), the idea never extinguished. It was that little flame that eventually evolved into Refresh Records.

Originally focused on spotlighting music in the Southeast region of the US, Refresh Records has grown to include artists from all over the country. We don't prescribe to any specific genre and we don't have a formula for any relationship or release. The DIY ethos is still at the core of everything we do, and it's our pleasure to facilitate the creative growth of every artist that joins our family.


  • Can I send you my music?

    We are always happy to listen to everything that is sent to us, though we can't always respond. The best way to send us your music is via email with a brief bio or press kit, and a link to a private SoundCloud upload of your masters / demos. Send music to: submissions@refreshrecs.com

  • How do I get a job at Refresh?

    We are a still a small operation that is run out of a spare bedroom in our home. We look forward to a future where we can build a larger team, but for the time being any positions we bring on are freelance positions on a per-project or monthly basis. If we are actively looking to fill a position, this page will display a "We're Hiring" section.

    If you believe you have something to bring to the team that isn't listed here, you can send your work experience and a description of what you feel you'd bring to the Refresh team. We can't guarantee we'll respond, but we value creative individuals as much as we value creative musicians. Email us at jobs@refreshrecs.com

  • Can I order wholesale for my store?

    If you're interested in carrying any of our releases, please email info@refreshrecs.com

  • Where's my order?

    We're happy to get the status of your order. Just email mailorder@refreshrecs.com

The Team

Josh Higgins
Owner, A&R, everything else

Andrea McClain
Owner, Chief Tchotchke Officer

Shawn Dorsey
Label Manager

Victoria Park
Marketing Coordinator

Madison Van Houten
Art Director

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