Cuzco - Sketchbook RFR-023


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"We were sucked into a world of odd time signatures, not so typical rhythmic structures and mind bending melodies." - Volume Magazine

A little over a year ago, Cuzco joined the Refresh family and shortly after released a split 7" with the Charleston, SC based experimental post-rock band, Catholics, as they began writing and recording for what would become this, their debut full-length. Sketchbook manages to capture the creative experimentation that brought Cuzco together in the first place, interweaving new songs with a series of "sketches" driven from experimentation within the studio. The culmination of their recording process is an audio landscape that highlights the intricacies of the band's sound through the ebb and flow of the album.

First pressing is limited to 300 records. T-shirts are Next Level 3600 crew shirts in heather gray color (sorry for this crappy mock). T-shirt art by KC Roberge.

Track Listing

  1. Sketch One
  2. New Tricks
  3. Larrie's Sandwich
  4. Sketch Two
  5. Old Dog
  6. Sketch Three
  7. Sober Island
  8. Metropolis
  9. Sketch Four
  10. Updated Dad
  11. Sketch Five

Pressing Information

100 - Maroon & white vinyl
200 - Cloudy clear vinyl


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