Vinyl Moon - Volume 17: Libertas 12" DIST-VM-1

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Young Mister joins Vinyl Moon for their latest release in a series of unique and beautiful vinyl compilations. Volume 17: Libertas features "Anybody Out There" along with 10 other incredible bands from around the world.

Vinyl Moon is a record club which features new bands and artists each month. Subscribers receive a new releases is delivered to your door with over 10 tracks of curated music in creative and unique packaging. You can subscribe now at

About this release:
- Double sided 5-panel foldout jacket
- Expansive artwork featuring objects and talismans
- “Modern Marble” colored vinyl
- Lyric & Artist info booklet

A1: Rodello's Machine - "Little White"
A2: Streets of Laredo - "99.9%"
A3: Ben Bostick - "Sweet Maria"
A4: Stray Echo - "Grime X Gold"
A5: Young Mister - "Anybody Out There"
A6: Walkingshoe - "Can't Sleep"
B1: YOURS - "Goldmine"
B2: OYLS - "Maps"
B3: Midnight Mystery Club - "Richest Man In The World"
B4: Vandelux - "Stimulus"
B5: Klue - "So Good"

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