Hungry Girl - Cool Shots RFR-010


Buy Now Release date: 01/13/17

Hungry Girl is the kind of music that inspires you to bust out your sleeveless Van Halen t-shirt and American flag bandana from the back of the dresser, as you dream of surfing the hood of a cherry red Ferrari Daytona that’s driving away from an explosion while catching and chugging Miller High Life cans shot at you from a helicopter’s mounted machine gun. The band will always lift your mood when you listen.

The rock and roll duo, featuring guitarist and front-man Dede Skip and drummer Jimmy Blaze, mixes classic rock influences with modern day riffs and thunderous drumming to create timeless hits. With the band’s latest EP, Cool Shots, you’re taken on a six song journey to the heart of rock and roll. From an introspective and self-critical glimpse at the creation of music to a riff-laden, head-banging ode to beautiful women, Cool Shots delivers a well-balanced EP that will appeal to long-time fans and new listeners alike.

Cool Shots was recorded and mixed by Powerstance at Radpad and mastered by Dave Harris at Studio B Mastering. Artwork designed by Lee Herrera.

Track Listing

  1. Kix
  2. Beasters
  3. Inevitable Defeat
  4. Bio-Dome
  5. Great Success
  6. The Croup