Deep 6 Division - Bundle RFR-009-B1


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Bundle includes:

- Album on purple or white vinyl
- Deep 6 Division t-shirt

"More reasons to keep an eye on North Carolina’s rap scene" - Hypebeast

Somewhere between the glow of neon lights and the backwoods of a southern town, you'll find the sounds of Deep Six Division. North Carolina’s Rapper Shane is joined by Florida producer Mike Astrea to bring you a 10 track, bass heavy, shit talking, self-titled debut album. This is Everglade shores meets familiar barstools for a menacing and heavyweight, down south rap experience. This is Deep 6 Division.

With both artists already prolific in their own right – Mike’s trip-hop group Astrea Corp released a new album, “Fata Morgana”, this year and Rapper Shane dropped “Too Busy To Be This Broke”, an EP produced by Ducko Mcfli – Deep Six Division sees their talents align for a genre-bending showcase of some of the best the Southeast has to offer.

"A master gem that mixes high level intensity with electronic edge" - Disco Belle

Track Listing

  1. Bridge Burner
  2. Threat Communicator
  3. Ain't Got It
  4. Frequencies
  5. Posse On Central
  6. F.T.P.
  7. Money Mouth
  8. Bones
  9. Runnin'
  10. R.I.P. All Y'all

Pressing Information

100 - Purple vinyl with patch
200 - White vinyl


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