Scowl Brow - Scowl Brow RFR-007


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Buy Now Release date: 10/28/16

Pick up the vinyl and t-shirt together at a discounted price via the In The Papers or I Want It All bundles.

"Concise, catchy and compulsively honest. If you like a little rock ‘n’ roll with your sex and drugs, this may be your scene." - Creative Loafing

Scowl Brow won’t lie to you. With songwriting that explores Robby Hale’s darkest days and the thunderous drumming and locked-in bass lines of Josh Taddeo and Justin Driscoll, Scowl Brow delivers songs that are infectious and unrelenting. Lyrically, Hale holds no punches and leads the listener through raw stories of hard-luck, loss, and even trouble in bed. The songs are poignant and brash, yet delivered with a pop sensibility that creeps deep inside your head. Before long, you find yourself singing words you never thought you’d hear yourself say out loud.

Originally released in 2013, Scowl Brow's self-release LP has been reimagined for their debut on Refresh Records. The album has been remixed by engineer Mike Pepe and remastered by Dave Harris at Studio B Mastering. The LP features a previously unreleased bonus track, "In The Papers", and is available on vinyl for the first time.

Track Listing

  1. Wild Turkey
  2. No Good
  3. Years
  4. Cum
  5. Tell Me Now
  6. Ghosts
  7. Compound Girl
  8. Long Time Coming
  9. AM 55
  10. Avenues
  11. Broke You
  12. Don't Stay Sober
  13. In the Papers

Pressing Information

100 - Clear with red & black splatter
100 - Black
300 - Red / black swirl


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